Capabilities & Facilities

Product Designing

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Die Casting

Pressure die casting machines up to locking force 700 M. Ton

Material Testing

Mechanical, Chemical, Metallographic

Quality Assurance

Quality Checking Devices including Coordinate Measuring Machine, Gear Profile Testing Machine, Metrology Lab, etc.


- Turning - Milling - Drilling - Boring CNC - Shaping

Heat Treatment

Normalizing, Tempering, Gas Carborising, Nitriding, Induction Hardening, Flame Hardening

Tool Design (Capability)

- Dies, Jigs & Fixtures - Cutting Tools - Measuring Gauges - Equipments


Training for Apprentices in all trades relevant to Precision Engineering


- Free Forging - Die Forging

Surface Treatment

Bright Chrome, Cadmium & Nickel Plating, Hard Chrome, Electro-Galvanising, Anodizing, Phosphating, Sand & Shot Blasting

Tool Room (Facilities)

Die Sinking, Spark Erosion, Jig Boring, Sharpening, Template Grinding