Message From MD


Message From Managing Director (PMTF)

Pakistan Machine Tool Factory (Pvt) Limited (PMTF) established in 1968 by the Government of Pakistan and incorporated as a private limited company in 1975. Now this company has completed its successful journey of 50 years. PMTF has moved in line with its vision to create a technological base for further growth of different national industrial sectors. Throughout the years of its operations, PMTF successfully developed technology for the manufacture of precision machine tools, automotive transmissions parts and other Hi-tech equipment. The competitive and energetic professional team of PMTF has developed a customer relationship on mutual trust and is focused on future plans. We have the satisfaction that our customers are fully aware of our capabilities, skills and professionalism and feel confident in sitting together with us for key decisions on their engineering solutions. We have earned a good reputation among our customers in respect of the quality of products and meeting commitments. Now looking forward, we have to maintain and further strengthen our bonds with our customers and satisfy their needs with extra care.

As an MD of the Company, my message is clear about our future plans and set goals. We need to be a technologically involved and hardworking team to look forward to the trends and solutions that can bring true value to our customers. With utilization of our long experience, professional approach and maximum utilization of available company capacities, we need to be known as profit earning organization, a more beneficial and caring employer and as a centre of excellence for manufacturing engineering and modern technologies. We believe in new technology trends, development of infrastructures to accommodate emerging technologies that may continue the improvement in the quality of our products, employee efficiency& productivity to lower the production costs, and make our products more viable, competitive and high-performing.

We look forward to building a bridge between PMTF and many more of you in the future.
Engr. Nadeem Rasul (PoP)
Managing Director